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 € 550,-

€ 425,-

A3+ box + Pre-designed cover “my portfolio”

Portfolio format 33×48 cm maximum thickness 4,5 cm
eg: 40 fine art prints
This IPIbox is handy and thanks to the A3+ format, it is also easy to fill with art prints of your most beautiful works.

inclusive: predesigned cover “my portfolio”, 2 deviders, handle, supports

Truly a wonderfull versatile IPIbox with deviding bars
e.g.: divide it into 2 x A4 or in 30×30 with space beside the bars for usb stick or gloves or business cards.With the handle handle and bag, it is THE way to really get in somewhere.
This way, you present your work in a distinctive and professional manner.
When you return home,  it is a beautiful object in your studio, gallerie or home.

exclusive postage costs