IPI Custom Made box

 IPI Custom Made box

Your IPIbox is produced in house, so we can also make him completely according to your wishes.

Due to its unique construction, IPIbox is the only portfolio box/suitcase that literally moves your image, product or collection. In other words, it lifts your best work when openend.

Handmade to your specifications eg:


  • with different portfolio format.
  • completely veneered 
  • from solid wood
  • voor panorama Fine Art prints
  • for an exlusief product.
  • with interior coating or other finishes

A lot is possible, challenge us!

After consulting, we make a drawing/design with quote. Once we have your approval, we will build your unique IPIbox.

Prototype costs may be deducted for large numbers.
This may happen with the final order.
(please mention number in advance)