IPI A3+ box

Portfoliobox A3+

Portfolio format 33×48 cm maximum thickness 4,5 cm

IPI A3+ box

Portfolio format 33×48 cm maximum thickness 4,5 cm

This IPIbox is handy and thanks to the A3+ format, it is also easy to fill with art prints of your most beautiful works.

Truly a wonderfully versatile IPIbox, if you are going to work with the dividing bars.
e.g.: divide it into 2 x A4 OF 2 x A4 with an A3 portfolio above it!!!

If you put 2 bars in 30 x 30 format, you have 2 boxes left for your gloves and business cards.

With the handle handle en bag, it is THE way to really get in somewhere.
This way, you present your work in a distinctive and professional manner.
When you return home, standing on the IPIbox stands or IPIbox column, it is a beautiful object in your studio, gallerie or home.

The front can be signed with a mill, or provided with a first image (see covers),making it really a valuable and personal object.

The patented construction ensures that your images already come out of the box when opening. So they are easy to grap. For viewing, you put them, supported by the cover, on the presentation bar.


  • gloves


Bigger supports (pyramid or round), bag, handle, dividing bars, etc you can add to your order.
Chose these in the menu under IPIbox accessories. 
Shown in the photos, but not included in the price.