portfolio case for A Lab

Alexander Melis is the man behind ALAB.

A studio that every photographer dreams of who can be rented and where the owner produces the most beautiful photography.

You can also rent the studio for lectures and workshops.

And yes, here is an impressive a2 IPIbox portfolio box in which his Art prints can be admired.


Marjolijn Lamme IPIbox 40×50 Gold Master MPN

Marjolijn has her studio in Loosdrecht Netherlands.

She is a very adept and ambitious photographer who has been working independently with her images for 25 years.
She makes penetrating portraits and corporate photography and is highly appreciated for her work, not only from her customers, but also from the professional world.
Because she had the ambition to join the Master Photographers Network for Gold Master, (the highest title) she decided to present the work in an IPIbox portfolio case.
I designed a wooden cover together with her and provided it with its name logo milled and colored in black.

Marjolijn has obtained her Gold Master title and we are very happy that these great records can be seen in an IPIbox.
Do you want to see her work “digitally”: https://www.marjolijnlamme.nl/

We wish her all the best and hope that her IPIbox portfolio box will get many new beautiful FINE ART prints.


Rob Sas

Jessica van Dijk:”The IPIbox sticks out with head and shoulders above other portfolio holders!”

Jessica van Dijk: The IPIbox sticks with head and shoulders above other portfolio cases!

“When I was looking for a suitable case for my portfolio, I came across the IPIbox. Where other portfolio holders were made of cardboard or looked cheap, the IPIbox stood head and shoulders above the rest. I am a professional fine art photographer and make sure everything is correct in my presentation. This means investing in the perfect materials. I also do not save on my camera, lenses and prints, why would I do that on the presentation of the end result. I get a lot of positive reactions on the IPIbox. Beautiful material, everything is possible to make it personal. Definitely recommended for those who are serious about their profession as a photographer. ”

Jessica van Dijk


I wish you good luck with your beautiful images,

Rob Sas

Bart Emonds whit his IPIbox and final exam portfolio

Bart Emonds wanted a finishing touch.

After 7 years of evening study, he presented his graduation work with his IPIbox and later, at the joint exhibition with fellow students in Bierbeek, in addition to the permanent images on the wall, his other images in the IPIbox could be admired by everyone.Bart wrote this to his supervisor / teacher.The IPIbox is the presentation system that I used as a portfolio presentation tool during the exhibition.
This system may not be for everyone, but you may want to add it to the list of labs and finishing systems for the following batches.For me, this system has the following advantages:

  • The portfolio remains dynamic;
  • you can remove and add images in function of your evolution as a photographer and in function of the target group to whom you exhibit.
  • You can print on the medium of choice, in contrast to the chemical printing of the books
  • With the IPIbox you can sell “out-of-the-box”.

Bart feels nature and creates images with the added value of a viewer, who has mastered all facets of photography.

Bart Emonds’ work can be found under this link.


IPIbox portfolio box Custom Made for Matthieu Verhoeven

For Matthieu I made an IPIbox, made of birch woord, A3+ format, with his logo split and the squares cut out as a repeat in the cover with his name underneath.

The portfolio box is finished in clear lacquer with beautiful supports underneath.

With this IPIbox, Matthieu presents his portfolio of beautiful images. He has been working hard for a long time, gives workshops and has published several books.

I would like to introduce him to you:

Matthieu (Tjeu) Verhoeven (1959), born in Amsterdam, has always been fascinated by cameras and photography.
As a kid, he was often found in his father’s darkroom. He learned to watch and photograph from his father.

Matthieu started as a self-taught man and later followed various courses (Photo Academy Amsterdam), courses and workshops.

In recent years he has developed into an all-round photographer.
Experimenting with light to create something separate from everyday images, where composition, shape and color are very important to him.
Backlight and lines are often recognizable in his work.

Emotion plays an important role in his photos, because it is important to let your own feeling come back in the captured images. He is mainly inspired by other photographers, by looking around and especially by his moods.

“You see with your eyes, photography is done with your heart.”


Custom Made IPIbox portfoliocase A3+ for Alexander Koenders

Alexander Koenders makes nature photography:

For him I made an A3 + portfolio suitcase in birch wood with only the cover, including mill, stained black.

The cover features, outside his name, a kingfisher.

The end result of his presentation portfolio box is chic.

The fine art prints of his most beautiful images have found a beautiful place and he can present himself distinctively.



Custom Made IPIbox portfolio case A3+ for Bert van Gent

Bert van Gent: He has been in the business for many years

and still has the fire in it. He was looking for a nice

presentation folder for his portfolio, but ended up with this

IPIbox portfolio case.

On the cover, a beautiful mill-cut with his name, which gives a personal touch to his portfolio IPIbox.
His fine art prints have found a nice place and if you are curious about his images on-line, www.bertvangentfotograaf.nl
Good luck Bert!

Rob Kleinjans………….As happy as a child!

Rob Kleinjans photographer in the far north, as he emailed himself, had his “unboxing” moment captured when he received his IPIbox!
After the guidance for the cover, it is indeed an exciting moment when your IPIbox is also in front of you and you can give your portfolio a nice place.
With the gloves on, Rob will fill his IPIbox with beautiful images.
He can do that, see www.robkleinjans.nl.

Good luck Rob

his mail

“As happy as a child….”

Hi Rob,

Roy Wanders receives his IPIbox

Roy Wanders is an award-winning photographer. He is very enthusiastic about his personalized IPIbox and its many possibilities. 

Roy: “I see the IPIbox as a top opportunity to present images the way I make them. The photography back to where it belongs, beautiful image that is worth printing. Photography as an art form for a couple who love each other. Use the occasion of the wedding to have a beautiful series manufactured, which will become part of the interior. This makes the IPIbox not a packaging, but a total concept where the added value of a good photographer is expressed ”.

“Presenting and profiling yourself requires bread. Bringing images to the attention of your existing customers, but also to new ones. I used to do that on an I-pad. Nice, you swipe a finger through your work, but it is a quick way where you do not distinguish yourself. Daring to show your image on a forty cm wide fine art print is so different.
Curious about the images of Roy ? Discover this image maker under this link: