A feeling for the inner desires of the woman, combined with a personal passion for aesthetic perfection, handicraft and style, are the hallmark of the jewelry collection designed by Sigrid Brondeel.
She lives and works in Belgium and was looking for a nice way to show the photos of her works to her customers. She was surprised when I also had a nice solution to use the IPIbox as an exclusive size box and / or presentation tool, to present her physical necklaces, bracelets, etc. to her customers.
When the IPIbox (of course with column and her name milled into the cover in gold) was finished, I personally brought it and it was an inspiring and beautiful meeting with this passionate woman.
The passion for her profession and the beauty of the designs.
The craft”woman”ship with which she makes the jewelry is beautiful to see and hear. You can also feel that in the jewelry she makes.
It was a privilege to make this IPIbox for her.
Check out the “treasures” Sigrid makes at http://www.sigridb.com/
Rob Sas