Roy Wanders is an award-winning photographer. He is very enthusiastic about his personalized IPIbox and its many possibilities. 

Roy: “I see the IPIbox as a top opportunity to present images the way I make them. The photography back to where it belongs, beautiful image that is worth printing. Photography as an art form for a couple who love each other. Use the occasion of the wedding to have a beautiful series manufactured, which will become part of the interior. This makes the IPIbox not a packaging, but a total concept where the added value of a good photographer is expressed ”.

“Presenting and profiling yourself requires bread. Bringing images to the attention of your existing customers, but also to new ones. I used to do that on an I-pad. Nice, you swipe a finger through your work, but it is a quick way where you do not distinguish yourself. Daring to show your image on a forty cm wide fine art print is so different.
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