Through Rob Sas, the creative, pur sang thinker and photographer,
I came into possession of the IPIbox:
‘A gift from heaven’.
My new photography can now be presented in an original and perfect way in the gallery/art world.
Self-constructed lens parts built into camera. Very proud. A new
photography age has arrived for me.
What is that IPIbox? An impressively carefully built, lightweight
presentation box with beautiful black speck lacquer
and that no Apple I-pad screen can match.
Closed, it is charmingly beautiful with my signature engraved on the cover. Open the box, through the cover with magnets, and there you see an upright black background where I can put my fine art
prints (approx. 40 × 50 cm. prints) against.
Magic! You can take the next print out of the bottom: the stock.
Once your presentation is finished, you can store your portfolio up in the beautifully designed leather bag with carrying strap.
What a blessing that I can distinguish myself with such an original design.
Stunning pigment prints on ColdPress and the ingenious beauty of the IPI presentation box.
Craftsmanship in-and out the box! The reactions are impressively good.

Thank you Rob Sas!

Woerden, Hans van Ommeren.