Marjolijn has her studio in Loosdrecht Netherlands.

She is a very adept and ambitious photographer who has been working independently with her images for 25 years.
She makes penetrating portraits and corporate photography and is highly appreciated for her work, not only from her customers, but also from the professional world.
Because she had the ambition to join the Master Photographers Network for Gold Master, (the highest title) she decided to present the work in an IPIbox portfolio case.
I designed a wooden cover together with her and provided it with its name logo milled and colored in black.

Marjolijn has obtained her Gold Master title and we are very happy that these great records can be seen in an IPIbox.
Do you want to see her work “digitally”:

We wish her all the best and hope that her IPIbox portfolio box will get many new beautiful FINE ART prints.


Rob Sas