For Matthieu I made an IPIbox, made of birch woord, A3+ format, with his logo split and the squares cut out as a repeat in the cover with his name underneath.

The portfolio box is finished in clear lacquer with beautiful supports underneath.

With this IPIbox, Matthieu presents his portfolio of beautiful images. He has been working hard for a long time, gives workshops and has published several books.

I would like to introduce him to you:

Matthieu (Tjeu) Verhoeven (1959), born in Amsterdam, has always been fascinated by cameras and photography.
As a kid, he was often found in his father’s darkroom. He learned to watch and photograph from his father.

Matthieu started as a self-taught man and later followed various courses (Photo Academy Amsterdam), courses and workshops.

In recent years he has developed into an all-round photographer.
Experimenting with light to create something separate from everyday images, where composition, shape and color are very important to him.
Backlight and lines are often recognizable in his work.

Emotion plays an important role in his photos, because it is important to let your own feeling come back in the captured images. He is mainly inspired by other photographers, by looking around and especially by his moods.

“You see with your eyes, photography is done with your heart.”