IPIbox all unique features of this portfolio box

  • Unique patented construction that lifts the images upwards when opened.
  • Therefore easily “packable”
    Clean shape, closure is invisible
    Cover can be personalized in many ways

    Logo or name cutter in wood or allu etc.
    Dibond cover with image or combination with cutter.
    Chromalux cover, brilliant and durable.

  • Other elements to personalize your ipibox:

    Feet in wood or aluminum in different colors and shapes.
    Different handles.
    Interior lining: leather, imitation leather.
    The color of the Ipibox is standard black, but your own color is also possible or only a primer for painters (so that they can paint their own Ipibox).
    Costum made: different size and made in other types of wood.

  • Multifunctional in use:

    Design object in interior: wall decoration with content or with supports on sideboard.
    Content interchangeable and changeable.
    Fine art prints optimally protected
    Multiple formats in one box.
    Divisible portfolio size.
    Sale of your fine art prints directly out of the box: e.g. Ipibox with column in the exhibition space.
    Content is also possible with an included frame in interior.

  • Last but not least !:

    No extra space needed on the table, in the Ipibox you present your work.
    Your images will be lifted upon opening !!!! easy to grab !!
    View the images together from a sitting position.
    Super Professional and Impact.
    Easy to go with a bag or specially developed trolley.