Ad Vereijken and Annelies Roskam have been photographers for a  long time and reinvent themselves every day. They are very active in portrait photography as well as in business photography. They are constantly looking for innovation. Present themselves to future customers in a very professional manner and work hard on the rather difficult path of their profession. But they are successful !!

It is therefore not surprising that this duo, with a high sense of beauty, saw in the IPIbox a way with which they could present their work in a distinctive way.

They presented the beautifully printed images at the fair in their region, in addition to the beautiful large portraits in the frames. This was actually the reason for this have their IPIbox made.

They immediately chose the largest the portfolio box A2 +, which they can also divide into other formats with the separation bars.

Now he has a nice place in their studio and Ad takes it to clients to show their work. The response is often … wow !!

The cover is black alu with their logo in alu and their names colored in gray.

The unique images of Ad and Annelies in their own unique portfolio box!

That’s why I make them.

View the work of Annelies and Ad