Models IPIboxes

Choose a model of maximum portfolio format.

Each IPIbox is dividable in a smaller format.

With each IPIbox the maximum portfolio thickness is mentioned.

IPI A4+ box

As the smallest IPIbox, it is a very good investment for models, make-up artists and demanding amateur photographers to show and store their beautiful works. Interesting for the professional photographer to deliver images such as, newborn, funeral or family celebration. 

Maximum portfolio format: 33×30 cm

Maximum portfolio thickness: 2,5 cm

IPI A3+ project box

This IPIbox is thin, actually only 4 cm and that makes it
ideal for a series of 5, 10 or 15 images.
A real project box to deliver or present your images.
So, very suitable for photography exams.

Maximum portfolio format: 33×48 cm

Maximum portfolio thickness: 2,2 cm

IPI A3+box

The use of layout bars makes this IPIbox very versatile.
Layouts such as 2 x A4
2 x A4 with an A3 portfolio above or
30 x 30 are all possible. 

Maximum portfolio format: 33×48 cm

Maximum portfolio thickness: 4,5 cm

IPI 40×50 box

With IPI box standards or with the IPIbox column, this Classic IPIbox is a beautiful object in your studio, advertising studio or gallery.

Maximum portfolio format: 40×50 cm

Maximum portfolio thickness: 4,5 cm

IPI A2+ box

This IPIbox is the largest, a truly impressive box, especially if you place it on the table and show your work with it.
This box certainly finds its way to advertising agencies and designers, who are not bound to size.

Maximum portfolio format: 45×62 cm

Maximum portfolio thickness: 4,5 cm

IPI Custom Made box

Handmade to your specifications e.g.:

  • with different portfolio format
  • completely veneered
  • out of solid wood
  • for panorama Fine Art prints
  • for an exclusive product
  • with interior coating or other finishes 

Maximum portfolio format: dimensions you want.

Maximum portfolio thickness: dimensions you want.