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The IPIbox has been developed for those who want to display and save their “digital” work as an “art” print. Its content is the physical proof of their abilities, with all the energy in the form, the color and the detailing, as intended by the maker.

The IPIbox is also a beautiful personal, decorative object in your studio / gallery or interior. He gives an important permanent and visible added value to the substantive works.

In 3 steps to your IPIbox


40x50 portfolio case


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Watch how IPIbox lifts en presents your work!

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Artists and their story

Customized IPIbox for photographer Aad van Vliet

For photographer Aad van Vliet we made a customized IPIbox, which, placed on a column, has been given a prominent place in a church in Hilversum. Aad is happy with his custom made  IPIbox, as witnessed by his story printed below. In 2006 the Mennonite Congregation Hilversum Huizen (DGHH, founded in 1878) merged into the Vrijzinnige […]

ILFORD with IPIBOX portfolio case at PHOTOKINA

Ilford delivers a wide range of fine art papers. They wanted to show the new fine art papers in their portfolio suitcase and were impressed of the class and style as well as the handy use as a presentation tool. With their colors white, black and their logo milled into the cover, it has become a […]

Bart Emonds whit his IPIbox and final exam portfolio

Bart Emonds wanted a finishing touch. After 7 years of evening study, he presented his graduation work with his IPIbox and later, at the joint exhibition with fellow students in Bierbeek, in addition to the permanent images on the wall, his other images in the IPIbox could be admired by everyone.Bart wrote this to his […]

Marjolijn Lamme IPIbox 40×50 Gold Master MPN

Marjolijn has her studio in Loosdrecht Netherlands. She is a very adept and ambitious photographer who has been working independently with her images for 25 years. She makes penetrating portraits and corporate photography and is highly appreciated for her work, not only from her customers, but also from the professional world. Because she had the […]